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Videos can be effective way to learn about important boating techniques. 

Take a look at these short videos. If you need more information, contact us...we're here to help.

Visual Distress Signals

This new video shows boaters the importance of Visual Distress Signals and the approved visual distress signals approved by the U.S.Coast Guard 

Viewers will also learn about different types of visual distress signals. Also featured are tips for safely transporting and storing them aboard boats.

Learn more by clicking     HERE!

ABC - Steering Basics

Learn how to maintain directional control at minimum speed keeping your boat on a predetermined course for at least five boat lengths, employing a 360-degree lookout with visual checks to identify potential hazards.

Learn more by clicking     HERE!

​​​The America's Boating Course meets and exceeds NY State Requirements - Hand-on and Personalized Instruction


       NEW Blended Classes

 Virtual & In-Classroom - Course approved by NY State

a great way to obtain your

Safe Boating Certificate





America's Boating Course: 5wks course/test

                   Includes BONUS: 2wks Introduction to Piloting 

               Special - Personalized - On-Line at Home Classroom 

 Blended Learning

 Virtual - Theory / Classroom - Discussion / Hands-On -Practice

contact Thomas - 516 987 9715                   


New York State Law requires ALL power boaters to have a               Safe Boating Certificate by January 1st 2025.  


For more information Call Thomas - Pre-Registration is required. Zoom / Syosset High School

Start Dates:
  America's Boating Course - Basic Boating ... March 2024
Piloting ..............April 2024
Advanced Piloting ......... June 2024
For per-registration call Thomas 516 987 9715


 Educational Schedule will be in accordance with NY State and USPS/America's Boating Club Guidelines


Contact us directly to learn more about our

Home Study  Classroom


    All students must Pre-Register for all courses and seminars to ensure sufficient supplies are available. 


All educational courses were developed with an On the Water component.

Oyster Bay and its all volunteer teaching staff will be happy to be part of this exciting

"new" dimension in boater education and will welcomes all boaters.

   Our certified volunteer instructors teach in various locations within the Town of Oyster Bay. 

Our instructors are even available to teach at your location...Call Thomas to learn more

about setting-up a class near you.

Email or Call (Text) Thomas today to Register and learn more about our courses and seminars

     Call / Text

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