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North Shore area of Long Island, NY

with classes hosted in Bayville, Roslyn, Oyster Bay, Hicksville, Bethpage 

The Oyster Bay Sail and Power Squadron is a unit of the United States Power Squadron®: the largest boating organization in the United States of America.


As a non-profit educational boating organization, who has been teaching safe boating in our community for over 45 years. With over 110 members in our squadron, we enjoy both power and sail boating activities and we are dedicated to promoting SAFE BOATING THROUGH EDUCATION encouraging all to join us and learn about boating from those who know.



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When asked if he'd like to be the 2021-2022 Fred was quick to say...YES! Fred desire to be on the water and sail motivated him to buy a 12ft derelict sailboat at a yard-sale in 1993. He had it rigged and launched it in Manhasset Bay without knowing a thing about sailing nor seamanship. Almost capsizing in minutes and rescued by a kind boater, Fred listed carefully as his good Samaritan suggested that Fred take classes with USPS before venturing out again. Fred immediately contacted the SEO and signed up a ABC, Seamanship and Piloting course. He continues to advance his education with the Club and  participating in Club activities. As Fred says, "It’s a beautiful life out on the water.." which he treasurers.

Thomas has been the Squadron Educational Officer for several years.  Why keep doing the job?  He loves it!  Thomas was the District Educational Officer for 3 years, R/C for Cooperative Charting for 3 years and he still returns year after year to the squadron with many new ideas and programs.  He enjoys power boating and feels Cooperative Charting is one of the best Club activity.  As Tom says, “It’s a great way to get out on the water with squadron friends and family.”       

Kevin is a busy husband, father and businessman who joined the Club only a few years ago enticed by discounted educational courses for members. From the start, he proclaimed he wanted to take every course that the United States Power Squadrons has to offer.  In the short time that Kevin has been with the Club he has already obtained the grade of Advanced Piloting. Moreover, besides volunteering to be the Club's Executive Officer, Kevin has become Certified Instructor - ready to teach the ABC classes in our home town. But, until the class begins, Kevin is chosen to teach a Spring Zoom Piloting course.  Kevin enjoys Sailing, Sail Racing and being part of the Cooperative Charting Team.

Thomas Peltier, SN - Educational Officer
Fred Doulton, AP - Administrative Officer

 Ron is an avid sailor (recreational and competitive sailing) who has participated in the Marion-Bermuda Race (2013) and has many trips ferrying race boats to Newport, and return from Bermuda; each adventure bring another fantastic sailing story. He and his wife enjoy a busy life with work, family and squadron activities.  Ron enjoys teaching, ABC, Seamanship and Sailing. Ron and Pat just became proud owners of a new sailboat which they plan to sail in the waters around Long Island and destinations unknown.

Ralph Parisi, P - Treasurer

 Ralph is a power boater who took the ABC basic boating course with his Uncle and Cousin - just to find out a little information about boating.  He immediately took the Seamanship Course and then followed it with the Piloting Course. Ralph loves boating on the Long Island Sound and enjoy being with friends and family. Ralph volunteered to be the Treasurer and the Club is happy to have him on the Bridge. 

Steve Ender, AP - Secretary

Steve is a power boater that enjoys sailing as well.  He and his wife Sharon joined a few years ago after taking the USPS’s Seamanship Course.  Steve looked to continue his boater education and signed up for Piloting and Advanced Piloting.  In addition, Steve volunteered to be an active club member and stepped into the Secretary position and does a great job.  Steve and Sharon, though busy with work and family enjoy boating around Long Island.  

    Over the years, the Oyster Bay Power Squadron (OBPS) has participated in many community events.  Like back in 1976, Oyster Bay members volunteered their time, energy, and boats to ferry people out to the tall ships stately anchored in our harbors during the 1976 Operation Sail.  As we grow so did our name. We added Sail because so many of our members enjoyed sailing not only around Long Island  but to ports of foreign call from Canada to the Caribbean.  Since then we are know as the Oyster Bay Sail and Power Squadron (OBSPS) but affectionately we call ourselves the CLUB.  
     In recent years the OBSPS has been invited, by town officials, to spearhead the cleanup efforts associated with Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup program; which is the world’s largest volunteer cleanup effort.  Volunteers from the Club worked diligently with the Town and other community organizations:  Sagamore Yacht Club, USCG Auxiliary, Atlantic Steamers, Boys and Girls Scouts of America,  all gathered together to clean up our beaches and waterways.  .    
        Since its inception, the Club has been honored with many awards and trophies.  Among the honors to date are the Haedrich Memorial Trophy, the Prince Henry Trophy, District 3s Cooperative Charting Award the Jerrad Memorial Trophy (for the outstanding teaching) and many more. 
     We are proud of all our awards, but the squadron gains its greatest fulfillment by bringing safe boating information to our members and the community as a whole.  As pleasure boating and PWC’s gain in popularity, it brings with it increased harbor congestion and the potential of danger on the water.  Teaching America’s Boating Course, advanced grades and seminars, helps the Club bring the needed education to experienced and new boaters, alike.  
    Teaching Safe Boating, Community Service and Fellowship - all play a major role in our CLUB.  From helping others in their efforts to raise money for cancer care, to cleaning up our shore line, the Oyster Bay Sail and Power Squadron is ready to lend a hand.  The Club welcomes new member and hopes you will sign up for a class today or join our Club and be part of the fun.